What kind of home decoration can laser cutting machine create?

The laser carving process is not only a sharp “knife” in the manufacturing industry, but even the ornaments and crafts that we see everywhere in our daily life can not be separated from the laser engraving. Let’s look at what kind of family clothes we can build.

The use of laser engraving machine to create interesting floor, laser cutting triangle, meticulous and elegant design attached to the textile base, so as to create a “semi – wood and semi – Textile” carpet. Build the floor with a rotten flower style and natural style. The color is soft, and the 3D surface is formed by mosaic treatment.

Laser cutting seat design uses laser cutting technology to try different materials to create interesting sculptures. The design is vivid, the free form of the bench is designed, the seat is made of steel plate frame, a three-dimensional laser design, a folding laser cutting line, a designer to try different materials and crafts, and create exquisite furniture.

Post time: Aug-03-2018
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