What is an Oscillating Knife Cutter? What materials can it cut?

What is an Oscillating Knife Cutter? What materials can it cut?

Oscillating knife cutting machine/cutting machine is a high-speed, single-layer ( multi-layer) material cutting equipment, which can automatically and accurately complete full cutting, marking and other processes, and is widely used in automotive interiors, advertising, clothing, home furnishing, composite materials and other fields; this cutting machine provides the best choice for automatic production in multiple industries with its characteristics of precision, flexibility and high efficiency.

Oscillating knife cutting machine

1. Composite materials: The vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting machine replaces the traditional crafts such as hand-drawing and hand-cutting in the production process of composite material products, especially for complex samples such as irregular shapes and irregular patterns, which greatly improves production efficiency and cutting. precision.

2. Textile and clothing: vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting machine for brand clothing. The overall solution for the tailoring of advanced custom clothing.

3. Home textiles: Vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting machine provides customized cutting integrated solutions according to the home textile industry, which can not only improve the utilization rate and processing efficiency of fabrics in the cutting process of the home industry, but also effectively improve product quality and realize Comprehensive optimization of high efficiency, low consumables, and high quality.

4. Sealing material: Pneumatic vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting machine mainly cuts sealing gaskets made of non-metallic materials, and has won praise from industry insiders with good technical standards and after-sales service; Pneumatic vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting The machine is mainly used in hydraulic seal, flange seal, rubber, plastic, ceramic, graphite, rubber-asbestos board, airgel felt-polyurethane and other materials. Sealing products are molded, special seals need to be molded separately, the cost is high, the cycle is long, and the precision is not easy to control. The birth of the equipment for cutting seals has solved the above problems. The pneumatic vibrating knife cutting machine can cut high-quality sealing products of any cross-section and size, and end users can pick up the products at any time, saving time and processing costs. The products are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment that require strict sealing effects, such as automobiles, mining supports, and construction machinery.

Oscillating Knife Cutter/Cutter

5. Automotive interior: The vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting machine proposes a full-coverage cutting integrated solution for different cutting requirements and different cutting materials in the automotive interior industry. The cutting products include fully-enclosed floor mats and large-enclosed floor mats. , wire ring pads, car seat covers and other flexible materials.

6. Advertising packaging: The vibrating knife cutting machine/cutting machine provides a complete solution for the advertising industry, especially suitable for the processing of PP paper, KT board, Chevron board, stickers, corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and other materials, and can be configured with high The speed milling cutter is used for processing hard materials such as acrylic and aluminum-plastic panels. After adding an automatic feeding module, it can carry out automated full-time production.

7. Other industries: Oscillating knife cutting machines/cutting machines are widely used in global non-metal industries, such as shoes, bags, air models, sporting goods, toys, wind power, medical supplies, etc., providing professional Reliable cutting all-in-one solution.

The vibrating knife cutting machine/cutter will vibrate up and down when cutting, tens of thousands of vibrations per minute, similar to the principle of a saw blade, but there are no saw teeth, no powder will be produced, and the vibrating knife can freely replace the cutter head. According to different materials, You can choose from round cutters, half-cut cutters, drag cutters, bevel cutters, milling cutters, and more.



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