Carpet cutting machine details

Carpet cutting machine details
The carpet cutting machine is an automatic feeding product mainly engaged in by our company. It is widely used in wire loops, leather, seat cushions, seat covers and sheep shearing, carpets, fur, soft glass and other materials. The configuration is as follows:
Model: 1625 automatic feeding computer numerical control cutting machine (equipment size can be customized)
Equipment size: working area size: 1600mm*2500mm/outline size: 2410mm*3355mm
Working characteristics: “Ruida” independently develops embedded operating system, touch screen control
Cutting materials: wire loops, leather, seat cushions, seat covers and other composite materials; sheep shearing, carpets, fur, soft glass and other materials
Cutting speed: 200-1300mm/s (according to the actual material)
Translation speed: 500-1500mm/s
Cutting thickness: 0.1-20mm (according to the actual material)
Cutting tool: round knife; high-frequency vibrating knife (about 18000 rpm); milling cutter (optional)
Fixing material method: Taiwan vacuum adsorption fan
Transmission mode: automatic feeding, rack drive; Taiwan linear guide rail; Panasonic servo motor
Support software format: PLT, DXF, etc.
Cutting accuracy: ±0.2mm (according to the actual material)
Working voltage: AC 220V 380V±10%, 50HZ
Transmission interface: network port transmission
Cable: more than 5 million times of bending resistance (verified on site)
Safety device: Equipped with non-contact emergency stop sensor and four-sided emergency stop safety device

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Post time: Feb-17-2023
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